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Murder of Couriers – Vancouver bike messenger documentary

Murder of Couriers is a documentary about Vancouver bicycle messengers. Because apparently there is a void to fill since Triple Rush got cancelled after 1 episode.

There’s loads of trailers on their website, and if you still need your fill of watching people ride sick fixies and drink tinnies you can watch the whole thing on Vimeo (although you’ve got to pay, that beer won’t buy itself).


I’m not paying to watching someone ride a bike like an idiot, I do that first hand often enough, so if anyone has watched it let me know what you think.


Grim Messenger Bags

Grim is a new bag company from Manchester. Named after the most frequently used adjective for the North. They only have 1 messenger bag in production at the moment, but there is a promise of more to come.

The bag seems really well thought out, a clean simple design but still with lots of features. The strap looks nice and comfy too.

They’re £90, which puts them slightly below who I consider their main rival, the Chrome Citizen

They are available to buy from their website and their facebook page is here.