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Original stuff – Skream Bikes

Skream Bikes is a new product range from Hong Kong based BrakelessHK. I don’t know much else about them are their website isn’t up yet.

But anyway, here’s their new frame, the Skream Sprint.

528218_618442228203178_2085057774_n 604020_619665044747563_1999467077_n 1454877_617530738294327_1543939550_n skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_8 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_7 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_6 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_5 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_4 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_3 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_1

And by original, I mean completely unoriginal.

In their words “We are pleasure to introduce you our product line SKREAM BIKES, we spent months building prototypes, improving details, and make sure it can be used in the most demanding circumstances while keeping the stiffness and beauty of something you’d ride with pride.”

More like months copying already popular bikes and getting the paintjob right.

For reference:

8519338586_777da08a5a_c death-spray-custom-fork-LOW-01DSC-FORK-1