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LFGSS track day VIII 2.0 4/5/14


After the LFGSS track day VIII was rained off last year, the 2.0 version has just been announced.

There will be some awesome prizes, everything from champagne and cheese to free coffee and t-shirts, so hopefully enough for people to win things even if they weren’t first across the line.

Also it was be a laugh because we all know LFGSS is the friendliest place on the internet.

To race you will need to have done an induction on the track, and I hear they are implementing a kind of accreditation process for the coming season, but there’s loads of time to get that sorted  before May.

The probable race program is currently:

Mens’ A/B Qualifier (10 lap Scratch)
Women Scratch (10 laps)
Cat A Devil
Cat B Devil
Women Devil
Cat A Keirin
Cat B Keirin
Women Keirin
Cat A Points
Cat B Points
Women Points
Hare & Hound (All In)
Keirin Finals


So come along and have a blast!





Now here’s some metal


Original stuff – Skream Bikes

Skream Bikes is a new product range from Hong Kong based BrakelessHK. I don’t know much else about them are their website isn’t up yet.

But anyway, here’s their new frame, the Skream Sprint.

528218_618442228203178_2085057774_n 604020_619665044747563_1999467077_n 1454877_617530738294327_1543939550_n skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_8 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_7 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_6 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_5 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_4 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_3 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_1

And by original, I mean completely unoriginal.

In their words “We are pleasure to introduce you our product line SKREAM BIKES, we spent months building prototypes, improving details, and make sure it can be used in the most demanding circumstances while keeping the stiffness and beauty of something you’d ride with pride.”

More like months copying already popular bikes and getting the paintjob right.

For reference:

8519338586_777da08a5a_c death-spray-custom-fork-LOW-01DSC-FORK-1


So the Red Hook Criterium Milano has just happened. It’s the 3rd one to have been held in Milan and it was won by Evan Murphy riding for Stanridge Speed. It’s the second one in a row he’s won. There was some guys from Tokyo Fixed and Brother cycles competing against guys from the usual crowd, Mash, Cinelli, Iride, Dosnoventa, Pelizzoli, 8barbikes etc. I’m not really sure how any of the UK guys placed, as none of them made it in to the top 27, and therefore aren’t on the results list. Why only 27  from quite a lengthy starting list, I just don’t know.

Their official photo’s are here which are actually quite good. There’s someone else’s photo’s here, which someone said were good, but they won’t work on Google Chrome so I can’t confirm that. The full (27 people) results are here.

Here’s a video of people crashing on a hairpin at low speed

And here’s a video about team Iride entering the Red Hook Crit. However, if like me, you can’t speak Italian, you won’t understand shit. But just look at the beards.

In similar news, the IG Markets Nocturn will be running a fixed gear criterium at the London Bike Show from January 17-20th. They will be setting up a circuit to replicate the Smithfield Market one in the Excel Center and have the usual races, Penny Farthing, folding bike, Mens Elite’s etc. As it’s indoors there will be no wet drain pipes or soggy corners for crashes, which is a shame. The full list of races is here along with links to register for them. Their facebook page thing is here.

If you wander what it’s like to ride a criterium, here’s a video from arse height.

Now here’s some metal.