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Morvelo City Cross 2 is booking now!




The first Morvelo City Cross was very well received and looked like heaps of fun. So here’s your chance to get involved again. It’s in Halifax and will be going in, out and around the Piece Hall. It’s on the 9th November so you’ve not got long, sign up here. Get involved!


‘Tis the season

For cyclocross racing. Knog Muddy Hell and the Rapha supercross were on the 27th and 28th October, making it a great weekend if you’re in to dirt and people falling off bikes.

Here’s a video of a guy with a bad accent from Muddy Hell

The people in fancy dress really made an effort. There was a tandem with a guy  as Lance Armstrong on the front and a syringe on the back. Another tandem was a 2 part horse. Stewy, Scooby Doo and Jimmy Saville were all in attendance too.

And here’s a professional one by Rapha from the Super Cross

I went down to watch and it was really good. Loads of nice bikes around, good catering, good racing but most importantly good people. The foam wall was a highlight, as was shouting at the people not taking the tequila shortcut. My mate Juan took some good photo’s there too. He said he wasn’t that pleased with them but  I like them.