The Bicycle Film Festival London 2013 starts today!


The Bicycle Film Festival is always awesome, and this year looks to be no exception. There’s loads of great films, including Moonrider (which I really want to see), Janapur, Ryokou and Soigneur. The Urban Bicycle Shorts is always a good watch too.

Find more info on what’s happening here.

As always, there’s parties too. The first of which is the opening party tonight, at The Russet, E8 2BT from 7pm. On Saturday is the LFGSS party at Iambic Bar on Pitfield Street, it’s exclusive to LFGSS and BFF people so won’t be full of dick heads like last year and will have real turntables too. Did I mention the free beer? Well there’s free beer too.

So get involved. Watch some films, get drunk, have fun and I will hopefully see you there.



The Hip Hop Slave Bike Ride 4 write up and pictures

Last Saturday was the latest edition of the Hip Hop Slave Bike rides. I wrote about the second one which happened last year and gave a quick definition of what a HHSB is here. It was originally going to be to Brighton again but due to the Pride festival on the same weekend we decided to cycle to Cambridge instead.

The turn out was really good, about 25 of us and a real mix of people too. Some new to cycling outside London, some experienced and some just mental. There was a good spread of ages and the bikes were really good too. Lots of eye candy going on, as you can see in my photo’s below. The sun was mostly shining and the wind was non existent so the weather was perfect. There was just one time we got rained on. As we were getting close to Cambridge there was a huge black cloud right in front of us, hanging ominously in the sky. As we got closer to it the sun disappeared and the rain started, turning into a hail storm by the time we found a car garage to shelter under. And then it stopped, 2 minutes later, perfect timing. I had a rain jacket so wasn’t too wet but the guys in t shirts and basketball tops really didn’t enjoy it. We had all dried out by the time we arrived the sun was that strong. A quick sprocket change the night before had me cycling on 73 gear inches which I initially regretted but learned to love when on the rolling roads in the middle of nowhere.

The route was done half by a couple of us remembering the way and some Garmin help as we got closer. I rode as backstop so noone got lost or dropped (which can’t be said for the last HHSB ride). Mechanicals were at a minimum too. Indra (who organised this ride to happen) managed to knock his chain off and it wrapped around his sprocket a few times. This was about 100 meters down the road from our start point. Jake’s chain fell off shortly after but he was on a road bike so we left him behind to catch up. All was good until 3 miles outside Cambridge centre where Olly glanced behind and at the same time cycled into the curb of a cycle path divider. He flipped over the bike and got some road rash but nothing more than that. Luckily. The lovely NJS  Bridgestone frame however, folded like a wet napkin. We cleaned him up and got him in a taxi to the train station with a friend to get a ride home. Some beers by the river and a short train ride and we were home. A great day out with lots of mates.

Thanks to everyone that came along, you are what made it so good.

Are you going to cycle The Dunwich Dynamo this year?

Each July the Dunwich Dynamo is a ride from London Fields to Dunwich on the East Suffolk Coast. It starts at about 9pm and goes through the night with most people arriving around 7am. Speaking of people, literally thousands take part, which makes it a unique experience. No matter how fast or slow you go, how many people you pass or overtake you, there is always some flashing red lights ahead of you, showing you the way. Some people make new friends on the ride, some just ride with old friends, but everyone gains something from the experience. People do it on all kinds of bikes too, mountain bikes that have rarely made it outside zone 2, recumbents, full carbon race bikes, mud guarded and pannier racked touring bikes, the lot.

The total distance is about 112 miles, depends on how far wrong you go and the length of time is takes is as affected by how many stops you take just as much as the speed you’re travelling at.  Being an overnight ride the sense of time gets warped and energy levels plummet in the early hours of the morning, only to rise again with the sun at around 4 am.

Since starting to cycle outside of commuting in 2010, I’ve ridden the Dunwich Dynamo twice and hope to make this the third year.

Southwark Cyclists are the organisers, and you can buy coach tickets for the way back from them. This year as an extra treat, they have designed jersey’s with Miltag. Miltag make really high quality kit for not too much money so you can’t go wrong.

DDa1-490x490You can order the jersey here

And here’s a picture of my mate Leo having ridden a Barclays hire bike to Dunwich, cos he’s a nutter.

Hopefully see you guys there!

The London Nocturne Smithfield 2013

Tomorrow (Saturday) is this years Smithfield Market London Nocturne.

There’s a whole heap of racing going on, the schedule looking like this

16:00 LCC Urban Cyclecross 10 laps  
16:30 Time Out London Folding Bike Race Heat 1 3 laps
16:50 Time Out London Folding Bike Race Heat 2 3 laps
17:10 Leigh Day Kermesse 30 minutes plus 5 laps  
18:00 Wiggle Women’s Team Challenge 10 laps  
18:30 IG City Criterium 10 laps  
19:10 Brooks Penny Farthing Race 20 minutes plus 5 laps  
19:50 Schwalbe Track Bike Criterium 20 minutes plus 5 laps  
20:30 Time Out London Folding Bike Race Final 5 laps  
20:50 Rapha Elite Women’s Criterium 30 minutes plus 5 laps  
21:30 NORGLIDE® Elite Criterium 50 minutes plus 5 laps  
22:30 FINISH

Ian Stannard won the Men’s Elite Criterium last year by smashing it at the front and eventually lapping most people, now he rides for Sky, so there’s a lot at stake here. The Track Bike Criterium should be good watching, if only to shout abuse and tell people their saddle’s too high. Wiggle will be showing off their new woman’s road team in the Elite Women’s Criterium with some massive names like Laura Trott and Dani King. So yeah, come down, it’s free to go and there’s shops selling beer.

LFGSS track day 2013

So today was a blast. The less than annual LFGSS track day was in full swing at Herne Hill Velodrome, albeit with fewer people than last time due to the bank holiday. The sun was out and so was the lycra. It was great to see so many friends and heckle them when they lost.

Here’s a load of photo’s. I’ll probably upload them to facebook to tag everyone as well.

Heavy Metal Bowling 16/5/2013

Heavy Metal Bowling PosterOn Friday 16th May 2013 at Rowans Bowling Center in Finsbury Park will be the next instalment of Heavy Metal Bowling. This one is a thrash metal special, which is all the more reason to go. I wish every social situation had the same sound track and this, imagine going to the pub to have Municipal Waste and Anthrax on in the background. It would be awesome. And that’s what this is, awesome, because everyone likes bowling and there’s even Guinness on tap too.

I’m going, you should too.

This is the facebook event page.