Are you going to cycle The Dunwich Dynamo this year?

Each July the Dunwich Dynamo is a ride from London Fields to Dunwich on the East Suffolk Coast. It starts at about 9pm and goes through the night with most people arriving around 7am. Speaking of people, literally thousands take part, which makes it a unique experience. No matter how fast or slow you go, how many people you pass or overtake you, there is always some flashing red lights ahead of you, showing you the way. Some people make new friends on the ride, some just ride with old friends, but everyone gains something from the experience. People do it on all kinds of bikes too, mountain bikes that have rarely made it outside zone 2, recumbents, full carbon race bikes, mud guarded and pannier racked touring bikes, the lot.

The total distance is about 112 miles, depends on how far wrong you go and the length of time is takes is as affected by how many stops you take just as much as the speed you’re travelling at.  Being an overnight ride the sense of time gets warped and energy levels plummet in the early hours of the morning, only to rise again with the sun at around 4 am.

Since starting to cycle outside of commuting in 2010, I’ve ridden the Dunwich Dynamo twice and hope to make this the third year.

Southwark Cyclists are the organisers, and you can buy coach tickets for the way back from them. This year as an extra treat, they have designed jersey’s with Miltag. Miltag make really high quality kit for not too much money so you can’t go wrong.

DDa1-490x490You can order the jersey here

And here’s a picture of my mate Leo having ridden a Barclays hire bike to Dunwich, cos he’s a nutter.

Hopefully see you guys there!



  1. T slates!

    Sumo! T slates from the forum, Tom on silvery woodrup from Saturdays at herne hill here.

    This sounds amazing, have you got transport back sorted at all?


    • ssumo89

      Not yet. I really should organise that. Apparently getting a train from Ipswich is a lot easier than getting the coach, but adds about 20 miles to the ride.

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