Custom 853 frame building offer from Talbot Frameworks

Talbot Frameworks is a new venture started by Blue Door Bicycles in Crystal Palace to go alongside their Talbot Wheelbuilding service.

Custom steel frames are just becoming more and more popular as people realise the benefits of having something built exactly how you want and having something unique. This can be seen by the increasing popularity of Bristol Bespoked and the growing number of frame builders in the country and the rising profile of the established ones. It’s also becoming more common for local bike shops to have a deal with a frame builder, like Tokyo Fixed Gear with Feather Cycles and Fiztrovia Bicycles with Woodrup.

As the company is brand new, they are doing a special offer for the first people to order frames from them. You can choose a road, track or cyclocross style frame, the exact size you need it, which is one of the best things about getting a custom frame, and they will design the geometry around that. You can even choose the tubing diameters. So if you want an incredibly stiff cross frame with a tall headtube or if you want a very skinny road frame that’s long and low, it’s no problem. All frame will be built with Reynolds 853, which is a great material (it’s what I chose my custom frame to be made of too) and the cost will be just £853.

It’s still not a small amount of money, but for a custom frame out of 853 to your exact specifications, it’s a damn good price. The best part is they can put it through your work’s Cycle Scheme too. The paint is included in the price and they can do any colour they can source.

Read more about it here and email if you’re interested in getting something built.



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