London Bike Show 2013 with the IG Nocturne

So this past weekend was the London Bike Show at the Excel Center, which is meant to have overtaken the Cycle Show at Earls Court as being the best bicycle show in the UK. However everyone I have spoken to who went has complained about the lack of decent stalls an the glut of ambulance chasers and other wholly uninteresting stalls.

The highlight was the IG Nocturne indoor criteriums. They had the usual Elite Men’s, Elite Women’s, Penny Farthing, Fixed Gear and Folding bike races, but they also included the Industry race, Media race and City challenge to appease their sponsors. They recreated the usual Nocturne track around the Smithfield market indoors and put red sandpapery stuff on the floor at the corners for grip. Still a lot of people went down.

In the track bike race Frenk from Iride Modena won and my mate Dimi came 4th.

The Madison Genesis team won the Elite Mens criterium on their flashy new 953 race bikes. The only pro team to be riding on steel apart from Rapha Condor JLT.

Here’s some photo’s coutesy of Apollo


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