My custom Oak Cycles road bike

So it’s finished. It’s finally finished. I started talking to Ryan in March last year about getting a frame built by him and now it is complete.

So here it is, my fully custom build 853 oversized road bike, with internal top tube cabling, an ovalised down tube, Paragon Machine Works dropouts and beefy tubes all round. It rides like a dream, incredibly stiff, more so than my last carbon frame, but also incredibly comfortable being steel. It was designed with tight geometry to handle like a track bike, but with a lower bottom bracket for stability at speed, but it’s more than that. The whole thing has come together to mean I can be yanking on the bars in a sprint and stays dead straight but with a small drop of the hips I can throw it round a corner at speed. The whole bike is about 8kg, so it’s not a lightweight, but that just disappears once you’re sat on it, and the steel will take dents and dings and live forever. It’s amazing.

Here’s a little built list

Frame: Oak Cycles 853 custom

Forks: Enve Road 2.0

Headset: Chris King

Stem: 3t Arx Pro

Bars: 3t Ergonova Pro

Seatpost: 3t Doric LTD

Saddle: Specialized Romin Expert

Pedals: Time ATAC XS Carbon

Wheels: Mavic Ksyruim ES Helium

Tyres: Challenge Criterium.



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