We’re living in the past

Despite the New Year and recent birthday, I have decided to live in the past.

I recently bought my first BMX. Something I always wanted when I was 15 when I skate boarded but could never afford. I don’t really have the time to use it and I don’t have any friends that BMX, but fuck it. 2 days in and I’ve just about got bunny hops down, albeit 1cm high ones. My girlfriend was given lots of her old CD’s by her mum over Xmas so she is reliving her youth listening to Sum41 and The Distillers.


My New Year resolutions were to eat healthier, cycle more, learn something new, earn more money and spend less money. BMXing has covered 2 of those already.

If anyone who reads this BMX’s in London and wouldn’t mind a tag along, give me a shout.


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