‘Tis the season

For cyclocross racing. Knog Muddy Hell and the Rapha supercross were on the 27th and 28th October, making it a great weekend if you’re in to dirt and people falling off bikes.

Here’s a video of a guy with a bad accent from Muddy Hell

The people in fancy dress really made an effort. There was a tandem with a guy  as Lance Armstrong on the front and a syringe on the back. Another tandem was a 2 part horse. Stewy, Scooby Doo and Jimmy Saville were all in attendance too.

And here’s a professional one by Rapha from the Super Cross

I went down to watch and it was really good. Loads of nice bikes around, good catering, good racing but most importantly good people. The foam wall was a highlight, as was shouting at the people not taking the tequila shortcut. My mate Juan took some good photo’s there too. He said he wasn’t that pleased with them but  I like them.


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