The Great British Braze off at LMNH on Saturday was really interesting, I wish I could have seen more of it.

Here is Ryan from Oakcycles (who buit my custom road frame) and Ricky from Feathercycles sanding a tube to clean it for brazing.

Some artist guy was installing his work just as my shift finished, I hope it doesn’t stay like this, because at the moment it’s just a Cat 5 Rapha/Assos gallery and you can’t see the bikes.

I recently read about the Black Skulls Motorcycle Club in Hackney, and being a sucker for anything black or with skulls,  I want in. Better get a motorbike first I guess. If only I had some money. I spied a bit of Death Spray Custom work there via a blog too.

Rapha went and cycled with Greg Lemond, the greatest US cyclist ever. Which is pretty cool. Although he is looking a little unfit, compared to say, Francesco Moser.

Prolly has got an amazing new custom carbon Argonaut Cycles bike, which is making me want my custom Oak Cycles 853 beast to be finished even more. It’s only a matter of time.

Finally, notice the new header on this blog? That’s thanks to my amazing girlfriend. Stickers to come soon.

Now here’s some metal.


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