L’Eroica 2012

My boss’s have just come back from L’Eroica in Tuscany, Italy and I am incredibly jealous. If you don’t know about L’Eroica, it’s basically a cycle sportif over a few distances in the hills of Tuscany on the famous Strada Bianca (white gravel roads). All the bicycles and components have to be made before 1984 and dressing the part is encouraged too. It’s like being in a photograph of 1960’s Italy. There’s a massive jumble sale before hand and I know of people who have literally just taken a bike with them and bought all their kit out there.

It looks like Andy from Fyxomatosis did a bit of shopping (via Instagram).

See a few people’s flickr albums from it here, here and here.

On a less exciting note, apparently a guy had a heart attack and passed away during the event. Condolences to his family and friends.

Le Coq Sportif sponsored L’Eroica and have released some classic style jerseys to go along with it and they’re actually quite nice, there’s a couple I would happily wear.


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