Recently the Govt. started a new cycling safety campaign called Let’s Look Out for Each Other. Β It features tips for drivers and for cyclists to try and help people see the other side of the argument and hopefully instil a bit of empathy in both parties. It doesn’t seem like anything brand new. There’s been little flyers around for a good few years now that have advice on one side for cyclists and the other side for drivers, which I quite like as it bring both sides together. As a cyclist in London I see enough dodgy driving and cycling to know people need all the help they can get.

It also uses this incredibly creepy picture.

The North Race made a good blog post about it, more than I can be bothered to write anyway.

It’s come out at the same time as a campaign in New York called Look! For Cyclists. Except the New York one focuses more on people getting out of cars into the road. I guess that isn’t really a problem in London because the roads are too narrow. Open a car door into the road and it’s likely to get knocked off by a bus.

You know what’s next.


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