2014 Strava stats roundup

Strava have released their overall stats from 2014. Interesting reading.

– Average distance per ride is 25 miles for men, average ride distance for women is 21 miles
– Average speed for male UK cyclists is 14mph, female UK cyclists is 12mph
– Average run distance is 5 miles per run for men and 4 miles per run for women
– Average running pace for men is 08:41/mi and 10:19/mi for women.
– Average commuting speed for cyclists in London is 16mph (moving speed)
– Some hills in Yorkshire saw a 280% increase in activity during “Tour Fever”
The cycling Strava Story reveals that UK cyclists on Strava rode a total of 521,189,000 km (323,851,829 miles) in 2014; equivalent to 334,310 rides from Land’s End to John O’Groats. In turn, the running Strava Story shows that UK runners on Strava covered a total of 44,178,000km (27,450,936 miles), or over a million marathons (1,055,804).
Strava has millions of members with approximately 100,000 new members signing up per week. The data uploaded gives never-seen-before insights into the landscape of cycling and running in the UK.
The UK’s most popular day of cycling was Sunday 8th June, no doubt inspired by temperatures of 24°, while runners came out in force on Sunday 7th September (22°).
The average cycling ride distance for males was 41km (25 miles), while the female average was just 8km shorter at 34km (21 miles). When it came to speed, women were even closer, riding an average speed of 12mph compared to the men’s average of 14mph.
For runners, the male average distance was 8.5km (5 miles) at a pace of 08:41 per mile and the female average distance was 7km (4 miles) at a pace of 10:19 per mile. In total, men ran on average just under 100 miles (94 miles) over the course of the year, spending an average total of 13hr 55min out pounding the trails and pavements of the UK, while women clocked up an average total of 12hr 46 min, covering 74 miles.
The Tour de France Grand Depart proved to be a great inspiration for UK riders, as segment attempts on Yorkshire’s toughest climbs soared in July following the peloton’s visit. Buttertubs Pass in the Yorkshire Dales saw a 280% month rise in activities in July from June, while 90% more rides took place on Holme Moss in the Peak District in the same time.
Away from the Grand Tour climbs, the UK’s town and city roads set the scene for a vast amount of cycling commutes in 2014. The most popular commuter cycling day was Tuesday 22nd July, when 50,532 activities were recorded on Strava, and throughout the year the average commuter rode 17km (10 miles) per commute at a speed of 16mph (faster than the overall cycling average).  Strava found however that not all commuters ride rain or shine, with a 54% drop off in commuter rides between Summer and Winter.
With 114,000 riding commutes in London recorded per week over the course of 2014, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the capital took the crown as the most active county, with just under 2.5 million activities recorded overall in 2014. Cambridgeshire’s riders were the fastest at an average speed of 16mph, while riders in Merthyr Tydfil braved the hilliest routes, with an average elevation of 591m per ride.
The Welsh valleys also provided the setting for the steepest running routes last year, as athletes in Gwynedd took on routes with an average elevation of 233m. Aberdeenshire’s runners were the fastest at an average pace of 8:33 per mile, while London was again the most active county with 657,373 runs taking place last year. When it came to improvement, Essex shone through; the home county’s runners shaved more than 30 seconds off their overall average pace from 2013 (09:20/mi to 8:49/mi).
Simon Klima, UK Country Manager for Strava, commented; “We launched the 2014 Strava Story to showcase personal achievements as a key element of Strava’s ethos, but it’s been equally interesting for us to gather the achievements of the UK Strava community as a whole, and share an insight into their active lives.”
He continued, “In the UK in particular, where we had such a huge year for cycling thanks to the Tour de France, and where our running network has continued to expand in 2014, the Strava Story reports have detailed just how active, dedicated and impressive our Strava members are.”

Murder of Couriers – Vancouver bike messenger documentary

Murder of Couriers is a documentary about Vancouver bicycle messengers. Because apparently there is a void to fill since Triple Rush got cancelled after 1 episode.

There’s loads of trailers on their website, and if you still need your fill of watching people ride sick fixies and drink tinnies you can watch the whole thing on Vimeo (although you’ve got to pay, that beer won’t buy itself).


I’m not paying to watching someone ride a bike like an idiot, I do that first hand often enough, so if anyone has watched it let me know what you think.

LFGSS track day VIII 2.0 4/5/14


After the LFGSS track day VIII was rained off last year, the 2.0 version has just been announced.

There will be some awesome prizes, everything from champagne and cheese to free coffee and t-shirts, so hopefully enough for people to win things even if they weren’t first across the line.

Also it was be a laugh because we all know LFGSS is the friendliest place on the internet.

To race you will need to have done an induction on the track, and I hear they are implementing a kind of accreditation process for the coming season, but there’s loads of time to get that sorted  before May.

The probable race program is currently:

Mens’ A/B Qualifier (10 lap Scratch)
Women Scratch (10 laps)
Cat A Devil
Cat B Devil
Women Devil
Cat A Keirin
Cat B Keirin
Women Keirin
Cat A Points
Cat B Points
Women Points
Hare & Hound (All In)
Keirin Finals


So come along and have a blast!





Now here’s some metal

Original stuff – Skream Bikes

Skream Bikes is a new product range from Hong Kong based BrakelessHK. I don’t know much else about them are their website isn’t up yet.

But anyway, here’s their new frame, the Skream Sprint.

528218_618442228203178_2085057774_n 604020_619665044747563_1999467077_n 1454877_617530738294327_1543939550_n skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_8 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_7 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_6 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_5 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_4 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_3 skream-bikes-sprint-raw-14661_1

And by original, I mean completely unoriginal.

In their words “We are pleasure to introduce you our product line SKREAM BIKES, we spent months building prototypes, improving details, and make sure it can be used in the most demanding circumstances while keeping the stiffness and beauty of something you’d ride with pride.”

More like months copying already popular bikes and getting the paintjob right.

For reference:

8519338586_777da08a5a_c death-spray-custom-fork-LOW-01DSC-FORK-1

The Vulpine Cyclogames 08/12/2013

The first Vulpine Cyclogame will be held on the 8th December at Oval Space in Hackney. There’s going to be loads going on and it looks like a good fun


It’s free too, so there’s not really any excuse for not going. There will be loads of people doing stuff. I’d list it all but it will be easier to just go on their website.

For the Cycle Love stall, they’re running an online competition where you can upload a picture of your bike and vote for your favourite. The winners will be displayed on the stall for maximum smugness. You can check out the pictures here (and vote for the Makino)

See you there!

Spin is back and teamed up with the London Coffee Festival.

Spin, who hosted a very well received cycle show during the summer, are back. This time they’ve partnered up with the London Coffee Festival, bringing the classic combination of caffeine abuse and bikes together once again. And this time, the show is free (apart from a £1.75 booking fee). The website for the event is here. There’s going to be some great exhibitors and it will definitely be a laugh.

It’s from the 29th November to 1st December.  Get your tickets here